Reclaim your life force energy

Coach & Healer

Coaching and healing on location or online for you in Härnösand, Kramfors, Sollefteå och Örnsköldsvik and the rest of the world. 

Are you ready to turn your life around? Awesome, you’ve come to the right place!

I am Maria and I’m here to help you reclaim your life force.
I wanna see you thrive, vibrate and blossom with energy and vitality!
I’ve witnessed first hand the magical shift in energy that takes place when we stop focusing on one secluded part of our life that needs fixing,
and start working through our life as a whole, with loving, caring eyes.

Imagine someone guiding you through every important field of your life;
your relationships, your work situation, your feelings and your thoughts.
Imagine that someone being able to help you see your hidden talents and forgotten passions.
Imagine that someone highlighting the areas in your life that are stealing away your life force energy,
and helping you make a plan to transform those areas into empowering and high vibrating factors in your life.
That someone is me.
I’m here for you and if you truly truly want this transformation, we can make it happen!
You will soon be able to buy my programs and courses in the shop,
until then don’t hesitate to contact me for further information and with any question you might have.
The time has come for you to invest in you!
Thank you for being here and being willing to raise your vibration,
and the vibration for all of us.
Thank you! 

If you’re truly committed and serious about turning your life around and finally create that life of wellbeing, health and energy that you’ve been longing for, my coach program is for you! I’m available online and on location. 

Reclaim your life force online coach program.
Reclaim Your Life Force and raise your energy with this one of a kind Coaching Program.
During six months we’ll go through six fields of life and explore the increasing and decreasing factors for your life force and energy so that we can create an action plan to make your life vibrant and full of energy.
The fields are Environment, Spirituality, Relationships, Physical, Mental and Emotional.
The program includes over 30 hours of one on one coaching and a lifetime access to my membership site.
All worth well over 25 000 SEK.  

Essential Healing by Maria
This is an healing experience where we start of by meeting via video to talk about what to focus on during the healing.
I will make you a rollerblend with essential oils to support your process and also help you create affirmations for support.

Then I will send healing to you once a week for three weeks.
After that we’ll meet via video again to sum up the process and I’ll give you personal advice on how to move forward. 

Transform your negative thought patterns
In this mail course you’ll receive three classes that teaches you how to transform your negative thought patterns.
You’ll learn how to detect your negative thoughts
and how to create an opposite thought that will serve as a mantra
and a foundation for a new pattern. 

Six steps to better health and more energy
In this ebook you’ll get my top tips on how to get more energy and feel healthier and stronger.
This is your kick start to the new you!

Online course for better self esteem and healthier relationships.
This is my 4 week course that allows you to explore your own patterns in life and to pinpoint what needs to be changed. We’ll go through the fields of relationships, feelings and spirituality. And of course we’ll make sure you start taking the steps necessary for that change to happen. Contact me for info on the upcoming course dates.

Wanna get all the goodies and more?
Join my membership site and get access to my Facebook group, meditations, free courses, live broadcasts and more for less than 10 SEK a day.
249 SEK per month, with 12 months subscription. 

For occasional bookings please contact me. 

I offer 

Oracle card reading 750 SEK

Reiki healing 400 SEK (30 minutes including oracle card reading) 

Health and nutrition analysis 1200 SEK

One on one coaching 750 SEK per hour

Maria Viklund

Tel: 070-339 55 51