Life force by Maria

When our life force is at it’s peak we’ll handle difficulties with ease and we’ll greet the world with open arms and a big smile. 

When we’re lacking life force our steps feel more heavy and we can feel lost. 

Our life force is what gives us the power and strength to get through the different stages of our lives and it helps us trust our intuition and gives us the courage to go our own way and listen to our inner calling.

When our day to day life wear and tear us and we feel tired in the way that won’t be fixed with more sleep, that’s when we know we are loosing life force somewhere. There’s a leak somewhere. 

Within my concept “Reclaim your life force”, there’s different programs and classes with the purpose of examin in wich fields of life you’re life force decreases and increases. Where do you regain your energy and vitality and where do you loose it. 

There are six major fields of life that effects our day to day living quality. 







Where are your imbalances? 

Are you having problems in your close relations? Are you unhappy with your work? Do you have an illness that’s limiting your life? 

Is there something you can do to transform the imbalance in to harmony? 

Where do you find your passion and joy? 

In which fields does your life force increase? Where do you feel strengthened and vitalized? 

Is there anything you can do to increase that and make more of that? 

My name is Maria and I’m your coach through this process. 

I have a diploma in Health-and lifestyle therapy and Reiki Healing and I have over 15 years of experience from guiding people through lifestylechanges. 

My tools are the oracle cards, the nutrition analysis, the healing and my words. But what happens is healing. Always. 

I don’t create the healing. I don’t heal you. But I help you create your own healing by giving you the tools to make the right conditions for you to grow and heal. 

I have personal experience from addiction, codependency and chronic illness. I have been working on my own personal growth for many years, and still do of course. 

When chronic illness hit me I had to make some profound inner work to be able to move on through life. That was one of many initiations to start living my life according to my truth and my calling. 

Pregnancy and giving birth were my next initiations and that really opened up my psychic abilities and made me more sensitive to energies. 

This journey, this life, is moving me forward in a way that gives me much joy and happiness. I am so grateful to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others, and to give healing and wellbeing to my fellow human beings. 

I’ve spent my entire life working with coaching, behavioral changes and rehabilitation. 

That work paired with my personal experiences has given me a deep understanding of how fragile life can be and how it can all fall apart from one moment to another. But also how we can, slowly and steady, with the right support, build it up again. 

With all my experience and knowledge, I am well prepared to guide you through your lifestyle changes. 

Let’s do this! Send me a message and we’ll get started!


In addition to the therapeutic talk and energy healing, I also work with plant medicine and the healing, supporting powers of nature. 

I know that every cell in our body and every system, has the ability to self heal if given the proper conditions.
We can do that by choosing food that are high in nutrients and without chemicals, but sometimes we have imbalances that are more severe and that’s when we need to add some extra nutrients and support.
I recommend nutrients of high quality and without chemicals from Thorne Research and Innate Respons. I take them myself and know the power that comes with high quality products. Just let me know if you want me to do an analysis to discover which nutrients your body needs more of. 

To further assist our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing, we can add essential oils and hemp products to our daily routine. 

Essential oils, with their different qualities and frequencies, are truly amazing in supporting and balancing our wellbeing on all levels and all areas of life. I only work with oils from Young Living, that are free from pesticides and that are of therapeutic grade, and I’m happy to help you find your oils if you want to know how they can be of service in your life. 

We have all these systems in our body that’s working for us every single day. It’s our respiratory system, endocrine system, nervous system and so on. Above all this, we have our endocannabinoid system that is kind of the empress of all the systems in our body.
And, if we can keep the empress happy and balanced, she will support our self healing ability and all the other systems are affected.
This is where the hemp enters the picture. From hemp we extract oils that are beneficial to our overall well being and balance.
This is what nature has provided for us, but due to a nearly 100 year old ban of this products, we haven’t been able to balance and support this system. Now this opportunity is back!
I only work with, and use, hemp products from Kannaway, that are free from THC (which is the psychoactive ingredient) but have the full spectrum of CBD and that are produced without using pesticides or chemicals to extract the oil.

Note! In some countries there are still some legal issues connected to the use of hemp products, so please check out the current laws in your country.
I buy, and recommend, products that are completely legal and possible to use in sweden.
If you are interested just send me a message and I’ll tell you more. 

Maria Viklund

Tel: 070-339 55 51